Field Notes: Dwight’s At Work, So You Can Play

If you’ve set foot in Marymoor Park, you have experienced Dwight’s handiwork.

Dwight is a member of your Marymoor Park staff, who are tasked with keeping that massive park clean, safe and open for everyone to enjoy. But Dwight brings a specialization: he’s a one-man-pep-rally-dancing-machine.

Dwight has worked for King County Parks for many years as part of King County’s supported employment program, which assists people with developmental disabilities with employment opportunities. We love this program itself, to say nothing of how much we heart the amazing people, like Dwight, who have become part of our Parks family.

Next time you’re at Marymoor and see someone dancing while raking leaves, odds are it’s Dwight. Give him a shout out, high five, or simply wave hi…but don’t dare challenge him to a dance-off. THAT, my friends, is a battle you will lose.

At work, so you can play.

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