Password: Margaret’s Way

Cougar-Squak Corridor
In case you missed the announcement of our bouncing baby mountain, welcome to Cougar-Squak. What?!? Can this be real? Baby mountain?!? Yes. You know how we know it’s real? Third party validation. In the form of the one and only Seattle Times.

Tan Vinh gave one of Cougar-Squak’s trails a nice write up. Mentioned that the park and trails are still a bit…unknown to most. So you might want to tip toe on over for a little lowland hiking. Make sure to nod and wink at all other hikers and quietly say “Seattle Times. Margaret’s Way.”

Kidding. Don’t ever do that. It’s creepy. Just come on out and enjoy the hike. Killer vegetation. Gorgeous old(ish) growth. Amazing views.

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