PSA: Public Squirrel Announcement

Today. Today is National Squirrel Day. A day to appreciate all that squirrels do for us. A day of celebration. It is also a day to reflect on what lays ahead for squirrels. Apparently for an increasing amount, OBESITY!

Yes. It is true, or at least the internet says so. More and more squirrels are being caught on tape, fat. Why? How? All you need know is that it MAY have something to do with the weather, or it MAY have something to do with humans. What can you do to help? Sit down. Have a talk with your squirrel. Let them know you support them. Let them know you are listening.

And don’t worry, should you need some help counseling your fat squirrel, Douglas Skwerrel is on call. He’s just our local (native) squirrel. You know. Hikes a lot. Climbs. Eats natural. He was crossfit before crossfit. Want his help? Need some pointers? You can find him on most of our trails or doing one-armed push ups in our parks. He’s a great listener.

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