Pianos in the Parks returns to Tolt MacDonald Park and the Sammamish River Trail

10 Pianos, 10 Parks, 10 Days.

Each day from July 8 through July 17, Pianos in the Parks will feature an artist-designed piano that will appear at a local park throughout King County. From 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. the piano will be available for public use. Each participating park will host a free daily musical performance – featuring the piano – from noon to 12:30 p.m. Check out the full list of piano locations, artists and live performances here.

For King County Parks, it’s more like 2 Pianos, 2 Parks, 2 Days.

We will be hosting a piano on the Sammamish River Trail on July 10. There will be a live performance by pianist Yelena Balabanova. Special thanks to the artist Sophia Lael for creating the beautiful piano.

Piano by Sophia Lael.

“My piano, Love is in the Air…Chance Encounters wishes to bring to life the magical days of summer we welcome so joyously after the long dark winter. Plants unfurl from the damp earth into the air, encountering the sun for the first time. In summer, we emerge from our cramped quarters, and butterflies break open their chrysalises. We meet out in the open air of a park. There is a piano, music, and who knows what new friends we will find there?
GO OUTSIDE!!! They have butterflies out there!!! She exclaimed, and the Piano shouted back, Yes! Welcome!” ~ Sophia Lael.

We will also be hosting a piano at Tolt-MacDonald Park during Timber! Outdoor Music Festival. Special thanks to the artist Cassie Murphy for designing the beautiful piano.

Artist Cassie Murphy with her piano.

“My work is a mess corralled by clean lines, set in a world where time moves slowly and straight lines don’t exist. Fat stars, ghost-laughter, water splashing, sugar dripping, distant mountains, floating letters, heavy vines, unreal flowers, and animals-in-people-clothes. My work leaps off of surfaces, and your heart breaks its fall.” ~Cassie Murphy.

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