Trailhead Direct FAQs

1) What is Trailhead Direct?

Trailhead Direct is a transit van pilot project sponsored by King County Metro’s Community Connections program and King County Parks that seeks to ease vehicle congestion, reduce safety hazards and expand access to hiking destinations in the Issaquah Alps and along I-90.

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2) When does the Trailhead Direct operate?

Shuttles run every 30 minutes on weekends and designated holidays from 7:00 am until 6:00 pm until October 15th.  We will resume Trailhead Direct next spring.

Between now and October, the only designated holiday is Labor Day, Monday, September 4.

3) Where can you catch the Trailhead Direct?

Issaquah Transit Center Bay 5, Margaret’s Way Trailhead, Poo Poo Point Trailhead, East Sunset Way Trailhead, and Issaquah Highlands P&R Bay 1.


4) Which buses run to the Issaquah Transit Center on the weekends?

Metro Route 208 Saturdays and holidays only

Metro Route 271Saturdays, Sundays and holidays

Sound Transit Route 554 – Saturdays, Sundays and holidays

5) Which buses run to Issaquah Highlands on the weekends?

Sound Transit Route 554Saturdays, Sundays and holidays

6) Can you use your ORCA card?


7) How much does a trip cost?

Adults (19 and older) Off Peak $2.50
ORCA LIFT Fare,* all times

* income qualified

Youth (6-18 yrs), all times $1.50
RRFP cardholders, all times (registered seniors, Medicare, disabled) $1.00
Children (thru age 5), all times Four may ride free with person paying adult fare

Regular Metro off-peak fares apply.

8) Where can I find a Trailhead Direct schedule?

Schedule brochures are also available on the Trailhead Direct vehicles, at King County Metro customer service locations and select outdoor stores

9) Are dogs allowed?

Dogs may ride at the discretion of the operator under these guidelines:

  • Drivers may refuse to transport a person and their dog if they already have another dog onboard.
  • Drivers may refuse to transport a dog if it is creating a hazard or disturbance.
  • Drivers may request the removal of a dog from the coach if it creates a hazard or disturbance.
  • All dogs that are not service animals must be on leash.
  • Dogs are not allowed to occupy seats; they must remain either on the floor or sit on their owners lap.
  • Small dogs who remain on their owner’s lap ride for free. All other dogs pay the base fare (or reduced fare) paid by the customer accompanying the dog. No zone fare is charged and transfers are to be issued upon request.

Note: Animals other than dogs are not allowed on the coach unless they are in a container or carrier. Fare is not required.

10) Can I bring my bike?

Yes.  Each Trailhead Direct vehicle is equipped with a bike rack that can carry up to two bikes.

11) Which trailheads are mountain bikes allowed on?

Mountain Bikes are only allowed on the East Sunset Way Trailhead.

12) How many seats are there on each transit van? 

There are 19 seats.

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