Busy Week for our Backcountry Trails Crew

Last week, our Backcountry Trails Crew (BCTC) did WORK. Here’s a little recap of some of the projects they completed to provide sustainable trails that are accessible year-round in King County. A small but mighty team, the multifaceted BCTC services all corners of King County. Here’s what they did in just one week so I’m sure you can imagine the magnitude of what they accomplish every year!

Spring Lake / Lake Desire

Spring Lake – Lake Desire Park is a 390-acre forested site with a bald rocky outcrop, a bog and 3 miles of trails situated between…Spring Lake and Lake Desire! To help keep the trails dry, the BCTC installed some new gravel and rock drainage systems.

BCTC (7 of 7)

In collaboration with our volunteer program, the BCTC revegged the land around the 60 ft puncheon on the Shady Lake Connector with wetland plants. It looks gorgeous!


Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park

Native plants were used to reveg the area around the new bridge on the Cougar Squak Connector Trail. Now the land surrounding the bridge is happy, healthy and ready for hikers to enjoy.

Cedar Creek Park

The crew welcomed 90 energetic Tahoma High School student volunteers to Cedar Creek Park. The students learned proper trail building technique before constructing new pathways in this underutilized park in South King County.

Dockton Natural Area

Over on Vashon Island at Dockton Park, the crew rerouted a popular mountain bike trail. The trail now follows a safer route away from the road and is outfitted with drainages to combat erosion.

BCTC (5 of 7)

HUGE thank you to our BCTC for keeping our trails healthy!

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