Another Planting Season in the Bag


Three King County Parks programs are making great progress towards our county-wide goal to plant One Million Trees by 2020.

Prepping for planting
A pair prepping for tree planting

King County Parks Volunteer and Restoration Program and our many community partners planted 41,076 conifers and 10,967 deciduous trees in 2018 for a whopping total of 52,043.

Since the start of the 2019 planting season, staff and volunteers have planted an additional 25,000 trees, with 15,000 more planned for the fall. Thank you everyone who dug in with us!

children planting super
Sunny sweet smiles and grimy gardening gloves

Special heartfelt thanks goes to the King County Parks Backcountry Trail Crew for all their work re-vegetating along the new trails they’re building, and to our awesome Volunteer Program coordinators who plan and lead several volunteer events every single week, all year ‘round.

This week, the King County Parks Open Space Program coordinated a massive conifer planting effort in forests where this winter we made room for younger, light-loving trees. We relied on seasoned pros to plant 49,605 bare-root seedling at Taylor Mountain Forest and 930 trees at Henry’s Ridge Open Space.  The team is also planning forest health activities and plantings at Island Center Forest and Sugarloaf Mountain, set to occur throughout 2019 and into 2020.

Henry's Ridge Planting Crew
Planting mixed conifer seedlings at Henry’s Ridge in an area cleared of scrawny, overcrowded alders

All these sweet baby trees are bringing us closer to our goal to plant One Million Trees by 2020.

boys planting trees
Friends: people who plant trees together

We need your help!

Now we need your help maintaining these planting sites. Please check out the volunteer webpage for a list of events where you can help us steward these publicly-owned green spaces and help new seedlings thrive.

volunteers planting super
Ta-da! The smiles say it all.

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