Dockton Park: Dock Closure

Attention boaters! We’re sad to say that as of March 2019, the marina at Dockton Park on Maury Island is (mostly) closed until further notice.

Dockton Park dock finger piers, closed as of March 2019.

In order to protect public safety, King County Parks closed the floating piers, including the breakwater and finger piers, for all use.

Dockton Park closed area of marina

A small area of the main dock structure remains open for day-use only on a first-come, first-served basis (at no fee), which will allow boaters to get onto land and access the rest of the park.

After an unusually harsh winter with multiple freeze-thaw cycles, the marina at Dockton Park has deteriorated beyond our capacity to make repairs that could keep it functioning.

Dockton Park - deterioration to finger piers required closure.

Although we had been planning for several dock improvements, which were scheduled for construction this summer, we did not anticipate this scale of deterioration.

The park’s on-land facilities are operational, as is the boat launch.

On a separate, but related note: the restrooms on the dock remain closed. Damage to electrical lines from a fallen tree delayed opening them for the season, and more recently, they were damaged by vandalism, so they are not open at this time. The on-land restrooms are open.

We are exploring all options for getting the dock back up and functioning safely, such as repairing, renovating or replacing the dock. Any future repairs are dependent upon funding availability.

We had been planning a renovation project for this summer, now shelved, and we hope to use that funding toward the future of the facility. Marina infrastructure has been also identified for partial funding in the 2020-2025 King County Parks, Recreation, Trails and Open Space Levy, which is on the August 6, 2019 ballot.

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Dockton Park - heron on dock

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