Yes, the weather outside was frightful.

What a winter we’ve had so far. Strong winds, snow, and torrential rain? For us? Mother Nature, you shouldn’t have.

So what happens over at Parks when the weather gets rowdy? We wanted to give you a peek behind the scenes at what goes on when we kick into high gear to make sure we’re getting you, our park and trail visitors, the most current information about any areas that might be affected or dangerous.

Flooding in the Snoqualmie Valley

1. When the rain, snow, or everything in between starts coming down, our field crew is outside assessing. We coordinate across the county with other Parks’ crews and other agencies to share information about impacted areas as they’re discovered and update our communications team as new information becomes available.

Flooding along the Cedar River Trail

2. The Parks’ communications team works across the division to confirm the details, the specific location(s), and the extent of the problem. We then send out realtime updates via social media and our e-newsletters to let you all know about affected parks and trails.

Snow-covered Preston ballfields

3. As issues emerge that require action – from assessing water levels affecting a parking lot to deploying a heavy equipment crew to clear a landslide – Parks’ field crews start putting up the appropriate warning markers and signage.

Flooding in the Snoqualmie Valley

4. If the bad weather persists, even if it’s a weekend, Parks’ field crews work in shifts and continue to monitor and work to make our parks and trails accessible as soon as possible.

A landslide on the Preston-Snoqualmie Trail

5. The Parks’ communications team monitors questions and comments from residents and compares them against the most current information from the field. We continue to provide realtime updates as new issues arise or existing issues are resolved.

We only close facilities when we have to – for your safety and to prevent further deterioration of the facility, trail, or natural environment. We ask that you respect the closures while we work to get everything back open for you to enjoy!

So what’s the best way to stay in the loop about weather-related problems and closures, you ask?

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