September 22 is World Car-Free Day! 

World Car-Free Day is an annual challenge to discourage the use of private vehicles and encourage other transportation alternatives. Celebrated all around the world (it’s in the name), the event was established to highlight the environmental impact of car emissions. 

Also, in Washington state, this day coincides with the Week without Driving Challenge, organized by Disability Rights Washington. This challenge asks people—especially public officials who make decisions impacting our infrastructure—to experience how difficult it can be to get around without a car.

In both instances, people are asked to consider the negative impacts of a car-dependent society and walk, bike, bus, or find other modes of transportation.

You don’t have to tell us twice! 

Any excuse to use our King County Metro system, bike commute on our regional trails, or even kayak to a park.

King County Metro

Commute: Use Metro’s Trip Planner to figure out your route.
Play: Use Trailhead Direct and take public transportation to a great hiking spot.
Explore further: Try taking the Sounder train or a water taxi and explore some new spots!

Biking Trails

Commute: King County has over 300 miles of flat, wide, mostly paved trails.
Play: King County also has 180 miles of backcountry trails for a different type of biking. 
Explore further: All King County regional trails are part of Leafline, a trail network that will connect  King, Pierce, Snohomish, and Kitsap counties. Look at the distance you can cover!

Boating, Horseback Riding, Swimming

OK, this one is probably just play. (Although, if you’ve found ways to commute by boat, horse, or swimming, we’d love to hear from you in the comments!)

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