Three Great Playgrounds for Families 

King County Parks offer great outdoor recreational opportunities for adults, but many parks also feature fun-filled playgrounds and outdoor opportunities for families with younger children. At these parks, you’ll find standout climbing structures, versatile play equipment, and even opportunities to build biking skills for your littlest ones.

Dick Thurnau Memorial Park

Come safely learn and practice biking at this White Center park’s one-of-a-kind bike playground. Modeled after European bike playgrounds, the miniature road is painted to resemble real streets with pedestrian crosswalks, two-way traffic, roundabouts, and turn lanes. Though this playground is great for kids, beginning bikers of all ages can learn to safely ride their bikes here, practicing hand signals and perfecting turns, before heading out to the real road.

The Bike Playground at Dick Thurnau Memorial Park.

Steve Cox Memorial Park

Also located in White Center, Steve Cox Memorial Park features a playground, tennis courts, a multipurpose playfield, and space for running and other activities. The playfield is open for family drop-in every day from 7 to 8 p.m. every night. The park is also home to the historic “Log Cabin” which houses our White Center Teen Program. Older youth, aged 12 to 19, can enjoy after-school activities and events through the program which celebrates its 30-year anniversary in June.  

The play area at Steve Cox Memorial Park in White Center.

Big Finn Hill Park

The playground at Big Finn Hill features a custom-designed KOMPAN structure for 5- to 12-year-old children. One of the unique features of the play structure is that it’s not immediately obvious how a child is supposed to use the equipment. This fosters creative play. The larger playground design also includes standalone bowl spinners, which are great for younger children and for kids with limited mobility or other disabilities. The playground is located near a picnic shelter, which makes it a great location for family gatherings or birthday parties. For the next playground update at Big Finn Hill, the adjacent climbing net is scheduled to be replaced in 2025.

The creative play structure at Big Finn Hill Park.

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