Blooms and Blossoms at King County Parks

As we head into the peak of summer, it’s a great time to view vibrant and colorful perennials that bloom all summer long. Whether you’re a master gardener or someone who loves bringing home a bouquet from your local farmer’s market, the following parks offer a profusion of flowering and showy plants that are certain to delight the eyes and the spirit.  

Marymoor Park 

The Marymoor Community Garden Association at Marymoor Park manages more than 200 garden plots, many of which include ornamental flower beds and blooms that include dahlias, daisies, and allium. Red hot poker plants, zinnias, and irises also provide welcoming environments for birds, bee, and butterfly species in this community garden. The Association offers an annual ornamental plant sale featuring flowers that have included petunias, nymphs, and marigolds. Check out the Friends of Marymoor Park’s plant list for a full list of wildflowers and other plantings that have been seen and catalogued throughout Marymoor Park. If you’re interested in getting involved, fill out and submit this contact form.

Sun-dappled lavender growing in the Marymoor Park Community Garden.


The upcoming CHOMP! Festival takes place at Willowmoor Farm in Marymoor Park on August 19th from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. This free event supports King County Executive Dow Constantine’s Local Food Initiative by highlighting local farms, chefs and restaurants using locally sourced food, and local organizations specializing in healthy and affordable foods, sustainability, and social justice. Flowers are sold as part of the farmers market programming. Celebrate the most golden part of summer at this fun festival and bring home your very own bouquet of blooms!

A flower vendor wraps brilliantly colored bouquets of zinnias, dahlias, lilies, and more at the annual CHOMP! Festival.

North Green River Community Garden

North Green River Park Community Garden in Kent offers sunny acreage and nearly 150 garden plots that are tended and maintained between March and October of each year, during which a variety of produce, flowers, and other plants are cultivated. The garden is located at a bend in the Green River near Central Avenue South and South 259th Street in Kent and is easily accessible from State Route 167. King County Parks works closely with the Five Mile Maintenance District to manage the garden. Interested in growing your own flowers? Get involved by reaching out to Marymoor Business Office at or 206-477-7275.

A cluster of lovingly cultivated pale pink dahlias grow skyward in the summer sun at the North Green River Community Garden.


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