#OptOutside in 28,000 Acres

Today is as good as any other to be outside. Yesterday should have given you plenty of motivation, as well as pie, and more than likely, regrets. Come on out and run, walk, hike or play out in Your Big Backyard. We don’t have to have awkward political conversations out here. #OptOutside

Friday – Avoid the #mallbrawl, #OptOutside with us

Our friends over at REI condensed our mantra into a hashtag. Words to live by. Also the hashtag that can spare you mall jail. You know. Yer all enjoying your pumpkin spice latte, with your 60 inch 4K TV on your shoulder, when some joker brushes past you and he’s got the gall to grab the last 3D-printing-self-replicating-housekeeping-drone…

Playground update: Tolt MacDonald now open!

  Tolt MacDonald Park – Now open! See photo above. Big Finn Hill – The lower playground is scheduled to be closed starting Wednesday, September 21. Depending on the weather, construction should be complete in 2 months. The upper toddler playground will remain open during construction. *** This project is funded in part by the voter-approved…

Playground Updates: Ravensdale Park now open and Tolt MacDonald Park now closed

Ravensdale Park Now open!!! Check out the pictures below. Tolt MacDonald Park Closed through September. *** This project is funded in part by the voter-approved 2014-2019 King County Parks, Trail and Open Space Replacement Levy. Thank you for your support! For more information on the program and other capital improvement projects click here.

Weekend activity: play Disc Golf at Dick Thurnau Park

Dick Thurnau Park (formally known as Lakewood Park) has one of the most popular Disc Golf courses in the Puget Sound. Located in White Center, Disc Golf is an accessible and affordable game. Pack a lunch and bring the whole family to enjoy the day! How does one play Disc Golf? According to the Professional…