Dockton marina is open, more to come!

*This page was last updated on November 7, 2022*

Interested in moorage information or other questions about mooring boats? Check out our new Dockton Marina webpage for the latest information.

Phase 1 of Dockton Marina construction is complete, and the marina is reopen! Moorage and use of the pier are now available with space for 30 boats.  

As part of the first phase of repairs, the work included:  

  • Removing and replacing creosote-treated piles 
  • Installing a new pump-out station 
  • Repairing cross-bracing 
  • Replacing the access dock, center moorage, and walkway 
  • Installing a new fire suppression system 
  • Installing new interior floats 
  • Applying non-skid coating to the fixed pier walkway 
  • Performing rehab on the breakwater—80% of the breakwater is now open to the public 
  • Replacing all of the old wood, fixing pier decking around the restroom with non-skid decking to improve durability and safety  

The new moorage facility also features fish habitat-friendly features, such as open grated decking, which allows more light to pass through, and new or wrapped steel piles, which won’t leach pollutants like the old creosote-treated ones. There is also non-skid coating on the new dock to make it much easier to navigate with your sea legs! 

What’s next for the marina?

Phase 2 of construction on the marina is to finish the rehab on the remainder of the marina, replacing the remaining outside perimeter areas of the breakwater, and replacing the floating dock for the boat ramp. These projects are currently in their final design phase and will then be submitted for permitting. The process will take a couple of years due to engineering and environmental reviews.  

In the meantime, the boat ramp and the marina are open for use! Check back to the Plog and/or subscribe to the Dockton Park email newsletter for updates on Phase 2 marina construction.  

New playground in fall 2023! 

Construction of the new play area begins in summer 2023 and will be finished in fall 2023. The current play area will remain open until that time.  

King County Parks gathered input from 207 community members for the design of the future play area through an online survey in March 2021. Your feedback is helping us create the new playground! We heard from you that some of the most important aspects when renovating the play area are to keep the swings facing the water, and add climbing structures and slides that are geared to 2-8-year-olds. We’re pleased to announce the new playground will include all of these elements as well as a larger, more accessible play area with elements for all ages and abilities to enjoy with an emphasis on climbers, slides, and spinners. In addition, the renovation provides an opportunity to improve ADA access, drainage, and the aesthetics of the park, as well as add new amenities like benches.  

The playground is located along an environmentally-sensitive shoreline area, making the project more complex and requiring additional time to design and secure the necessary permits. 

The moorage renovation project is funded in part by a Boating Facilities Program grant from the state Recreation and Conservation Office, and both it and the play area renovation are funded by the 2020-2025 King County Parks, Recreation, Trails, and Open Space Levy. Thank you for your support!

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12 thoughts on “Dockton marina is open, more to come!

  1. Hi, the pump out station installed at Dockton does not work, and from what I have been told by boaters has never worked since its installation. It turns on but does not generate sufficient vacuum. Possibly because the pump was installed high up on the fixed pier but the hose was installed below, creating too much water column pressure to overcome.

    Is there a plan for this pump out installation to be fixed?

    1. Hello, thank you for informing us about the pump out station issue. We have been testing it and it appears to be functioning properly. Do you mind emailing We’d love to be able to talk with you about what you’ve been seeing with the pump out station so we can help solve the problem. Thanks again for letting us know!

  2. Looking to sail over from Des Moines this weekend and take a hike in Dockton Park. Do I need to call in to secure space for guest moorage? Is there a Dockton Park trails map?

  3. Thank you for this update. I regularly swim at Dockton Park, but wade in from the shore.. I heard from several people that there is no ladder on the swimming dock which is incredibly dangerous. The dock is high and I, for one, would not be able to haul myself out of the water. When will a ladder be installed? Thank you.

    1. Thank you for the question, Susan! Apologies for just seeing this now. I will send your question along to the project team and will get back to ASAP.

      1. @Susan I confirmed a swim ladder has been installed a the marina and wanted to share in case you haven’t seen it yet. Thank you!

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