Little Footprint Big Forest Project Update – Thanks Matson!

 A BIG THANKS to Matson for donating 4 – 24’ cargo containers for our Little Footprint Big Forest project! We just received our first two containers and our crews can’t wait to start the (de)construction.  When completed, the camping cargo container will feature an adaptable floor plan complete with beds, a table, and a multi-purpose…

Saving lives one park at a time

The New York Times has stumbled across something. It’s called the outdoors. We are huge fans, as a matter of fact *we maintain a healthy chunk of them, so why not come check them out and live a longer/less angry life in the process. * We’re not doctors we just play them outside.

Spring sun on Saturday out at Tolt-MacDonald

Living in the Northwest, we cherish every second of sun when it decides to grace us with its presence. This Saturday was a perfect example. Had you paid a visit to Tolt-MacDonald, you would have seen a packed parking lot and acres of people. The park was not only host to a volunteer group, girl’s…

Random photo post: Tanner Landing

This park has seen a great deal of improvements over the last couple years including native plantings and massive invasive removals. It is soon to be a gathering destination and will provide access for the larger white water rafting community. Maybe you should come check it out before it’s all the rage?