Celebrating the Jerry Baker Memorial Velodrome

We got together with the Marymoor Velodrome Association on Friday to celebrate the life and efforts of Jerry Baker and announce the renaming of the velo to the Jerry Baker Memorial Velodrome. Great people. Great partners. Great guy. If you’d like more pics, you can always find them over here.

Don’t Stop Pedaling….Especially on a Fixie

It’s time for the annual Friday Night Track Racing Series (“The Show”) at the Marymoor Velodrome. Every Friday, at 7pm sharp, the spotlights come on and world-class athletes get ready to compete on the steeply banked oval track. Since 1975 the velodrome has hosted eight National Championships as well as many other track racing competitions…….

The Hammer breaks a velodrome record at the Marymoor Grand Prix

A longstanding track record held at the Marymoor Park velodrome, circa 1986, has finally been broken by the force that is Sarah Hammer, a four-time world track cycling champion. The record for the 3k individual pursuit had been held by Rebecca Twigg, a Northwest native and two-time Olympic medalist with an extensively decorated cycling resume…

“Two men enter, one man leaves”

…wait, different drome, errr dome. But seriously, who doesn’t want to see Olympians compete for the Golden Fleece and strike down Medusa? Yeah, that’s what’s happening this Friday and Saturday at Marymoor’s velodrome, only on two wheels, in circles and really fast. Don’t believe us? Well, we have third party validation, check out this write-up…