Don’t Stop Pedaling….Especially on a Fixie

It’s time for the annual Friday Night Track Racing Series (“The Show”) at the Marymoor Velodrome. Every Friday, at 7pm sharp, the spotlights come on and world-class athletes get ready to compete on the steeply banked oval track. Since 1975 the velodrome has hosted eight National Championships as well as many other track racing competitions…. so yeah, it’s super legit. These cyclists can go crazy fast; not quite cheetah speeds (75mph) butttt grizzly bear speeds (35mph) are totally possible. Check out this awesome video for a sneak peak of the action.

This summertime sports tradition is not only for hipsters and gearheads but it’s also an event for the whole family. On the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month the popular Kiddie Kilo takes place – any kid with a bike and helmet can take a lap on the velodrome! Spectators can enjoy a picnic, the food trucks or some adult beverages from OS Winery, Mac and Jack’s and Locust Cider. The admission rate is $5 per person but kiddos 16 and under are free. For more information about Friday Night Races and the Marymoor Velodrome itself, click here. Happy riding!

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