National Trails Day Love from Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer‘s staff was kind enough to come out and help us do some trail work at Cougar Mountain, Big Finn Hill and Soos Creek in honor of National Trails Day. Hugs all around. If you’d like more pics, you can always find them over here.

3 underappreciated trails to check out on National Trails Day!

June 4 is National Trails Day and needless to say, we’re hyped. Take this day to get outside and explore the diverse trails in King County. Here are three underappreciated trails that need a little love: Spring Lake / Lake Desire Park Meander along the 3 miles of trails between Spring Lake and Lake Desire….

National Trails Day – Kind of a Big Deal

This is more than likely what the scene will look like tomorrow across this humble little park system. So if you aren’t already sold, know this, pictures can possibly take your soul but they can never truly convey the full amount of awesome in a given moment. We promise you a minimum of 3x more…

Spend National Trails Day, Sat, June 1, in Your Big Backyard

Join us on National Trails Day, Saturday, June 1, to learn more about our growing network of 180 miles of backcountry trails spread across more than 16,000 acres of park lands. Did you know that over our 75 year history, King County Parks has built an impressive legacy of natural lands? You know, the kind…