National Trails Day – Kind of a Big Deal

This is more than likely what the scene will look like tomorrow across this humble little park system. So if you aren’t already sold, know this, pictures can possibly take your soul but they can never truly convey the full amount of awesome in a given moment. We promise you a minimum of 3x more awesome than is portrayed in these photos. You scoff? Well then, let’s recap some of our many trail based activities taking place tomorrow, not to mention opening a mountain (no big):

  • Soaring Eagle Park (Sammamish) – Parks & Trails Ambassador table.
  • Tanner Landing Park / Snoqualmie Valley Trail (east of North Bend) – Parks & Trails Ambassador table.
  • Snoqualmie Valley Trail (4th & Baccarat in North Bend) – Parks & Trails Ambassador table.
  • Snoqualmie Valley Trail (Carnation) Volunteer event.
  • Taylor Mountain Forest (Hobart) – Tahoma Backcountry Horsemen table & volunteer event.
  • Squak Mountain Park Open House (Issaquah) – KC Parks table & 3 volunteer events.
  • Cougar Mountain Regional Wildlife Park (Issaquah) – Parks & Trails Ambassador table.
  • Duthie Hill Park (east of Issaquah) Evergreen annual Bike Fest.
  • Marymoor Park Bird Loop Trail – Eastside Audubon Society table & volunteer event.
  • Island Center Forest (Vashon) – Parks & Trails Ambassador table.
  • Maury Island Marine Park look out -Friends of Maury Island Marine park member table.

Don’t believe me? Let’s travel back in time. If you can’t make it to any of these, we’ll miss you, but we know there is plenty to see and do in this 28,000 acres of awesome.

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