King County Parks Commercial

King County Parks "See you at the top"
King County Parks "See you at the top"

We were given the opportunity to provide a commercial for King County Parks as part of our partnership with the Rock n’ Roll Marathon.  Well given the current economic climate we had to get resourceful, so we decided to produce our piece in-house.  In the DIY spirit this is what we came up with in under 24 hours.  Let us know what you think.

Think you have the chops to pull off your own King County Parks commercial?  Well let’s have a little competition shall we?

Here’s the challenge:

  • A 27 second piece
  • Needs to be filmed in one or all of our 180 parks & 175 miles of trails
  • Family-friendly
  • That’s it.  Send the link to your finished piece to this email

The reward you ask?  We will select one winner and two runners up.  The winner will have their video hosted on our Parks Welcome page, and right here on this blog.  Not too shabby considering our website sees over a 1000 hits a day.

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