5 ways to stay safe for fall biking

The inevitable turn of the seasons brings a whole host of hazards for people commuting by bicycle to work and school. Follows these five easy steps to stay safe.

Your Big Backyard is covered with these!

They cross the county, from west to east and north to south. They follow lakes and hills. Nearly anywhere an old railroad once crawled, you can find them – trails! By foot or bike, skate or shoe, here in King County, you can travel over 300 miles on separated trails, dedicated to non-motorized transport. That…

Trail Spotlight: 520 Loop (almost!)

Since we have over 300 miles of trails available to us here in King County, it’s always fun to find new routes, explore new trails, and discover new loops to ride. Like many cyclists, we’re super excited for the 520 Trail to be complete. So much so, we thought we’d cruise out to see where…

Picturing Trails Project Update

We’re excited to announce that Jenny Riffle and Melinda Hurst Frye have been selected as our two fine art photographers for our Picturing Trails project!

6 Easy ways to share the trail

This time of year is perfect cycling weather, and commuters as well as recreational bikers are enjoying King County Park’s Regional Trail System. High trail volume can sometimes create problems when walkers, runners, and bikers don’t follow proper trail etiquette. Here are six simple ways you can make sure everyone stays safe out on the…