Sierra Club to Invasives: Get out of our park!

Volunteers from the Sierra Club-South King County clear invasives in Soos Creek Park

Soos Creek Park and Trail is a linear park straddling the boundary between Kent and Covington along the urban growth boundary. The park protects a seven mile ribbon of high quality wetland and riparian habitats essential for wildlife, including salmon and numerous species of resident and neo-tropical migratory birds.  Unfortunately, it is also seriously threatened by many invasive non-native plant species, including significant infestations of English ivy, scotch broom, blackberries, and holly, to name a few.

Fortunately for for King County Parks, our friends over at the Sierra Club South King County Group have been working since 2003 to target the worst problem areas in the park.

Last Saturday, March 27th, volunteers from the group held their 14th (!!) work party in the park, where they removed pesky scotch broom and English ivy from previously restored areas and made significant progress on a serious infestation of holly and laurel.

Ooof! Now that’s some backbreaking work!

Soos Creek Trail Visitor

On behalf of King County Parks and critters like this little guy, THANK YOU Sierra Club for your continued dedication to Soos Creek and King County Parks.

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