Parks what? Trails what? Activities what? KC Parks map ONLINE.

Yeah, you heard right: We finally have a map online that covers nearly all 26,000 acres of your King County Parks and all we have to offer within that massive chunk of land.

Want to know how to ride the trails from Seattle’s portion of the Burke-Gilman all the way out to Issaquah? Have a look on the map, or better yet use the tabs on the right. Simply click “Bicycling” under the Activities tab, and BAM!, the app highlights all trails (ones we have data for) within King County. Yeah that’s right, similar to our printed trails map we also include other agencies’ trails, so in one shot you can see how all the connections are made. On that note, we will also be able to provide you info for our backcountry trails soon. And yes, that includes the new trails at Duthie, so just calm down.

In summary, if you don’t know what happens or where it happens in King County Parks, this is your resource. Did you know where to “frolf’?” Click on “Disc Golf”  in the Activities tab and find out.

Now go explore and please give us your feedback, as this is only phase one of the map.


King County Parks Online Map

One thought on “Parks what? Trails what? Activities what? KC Parks map ONLINE.

  1. It seems to me that the detail information is hard to read on IE 7, and Firefox seems to be the same, particularly when zoomed in on the map. The pop up message gets covered up by the map types and the edges of the map, particularly if you zoom in a lot.

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