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Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park
Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park

We might be a government agency, but we aren’t a faceless government agency.

You see us when you are in the parks or on the trails. We pass you on the trail and smile after hours of back-breaking trail maintenance, or prepping a ball field in between games during your child’s tournament. We are out there parking cars during Cirque, mowing in the rain and looking for some financial support from generous local businesses.

All that said we really do appreciate when someone has something nice to say. Thought I would share this extremely kind note from Mary Nettleton.

Dear Friends,
2 weeks ago today, while my husband, my Seeing Eye guide, Werner and I were camped nearby, we walked a while on the Cougar Mountain trail. We had walked the trail on a previous visit and wanted to do it again.

I don’t remember taking note of the reason for my comments below on the former visit. This time I was very impressed with the accessibility of the trail for me and my guide. It was a pleasure to walk safely up and down on that beautiful and well-maintained trail. The ferns, lichen, and moss are a tactile buffet and the bird songs a joy to the ear. Next time I hope to walk more of the trails around there.

I hope you won’t let budget crunches force King County to sell any tiny part of that beautiful area. If it should come to that, you are free to use my letter as a bit of ammunition against such a dire prospect.

Thank you again Mary and as always “We’re at work so you can play”.

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