Burke-Gilman Trail update

Last week’s snow and ice made things difficult for lots of people in King County – including the crew that has been putting the finishing touches on the major reconstruction of the County’s Burke-Gilman Trail through Lake Forest Park.

The good news: We’re done with the paving, retaining walls, drainage, fencing and signage along this 2.2-mile-long stretch of the BGT.

The bad news: The contractor lost the entire work week because of inclement weather, and this pushes the trail reopening back from what we had hoped would be the end of January into early February.

Work that remains includes installing concrete for the plaza on the southern side of the intersection at Northeast 170th Street.

We’ll keep you updated on the new reopening date and check here for the latest construction updates. We appreciate everyone’s patience!

18 thoughts on “Burke-Gilman Trail update

  1. I’m noticing more and more motorized electric bicycles on the trail. According to the posted signs motorized vehicles are prohibited. Are the electric bicycles given an exemption?

    1. While statewide legislation allowing some classes of electric bicycles on shared use paths has recently been passed, King County Code still classifies electric bicycles as motorized vehicles. We may in the future, after careful study and review, make code changes to allow certain classes of electric assisted bicycles on Regional Trails, but until that time, motorized vehicles of any type are still prohibited.

  2. Sounds good. Thanks. If a Mega-croc comes up from the lake, just puts some cones around it 😉 They only eat once a day, so I’ll take my chances.

  3. BGT Bikers stay out of the Sheridan Beach neighborhood! and stop parking your cars in our neighborhood!

    1. I personally don’t park in Sheridan Beach, but: people who don’t live in MY neighborhood park there temporarily for all kinds of reasons… football games, bars, movies… and I don’t complain about it on blogs. You’re talking about public daytime parking, and people riding bicycles on public streets, right? If so, why is it that you feel you “own” the parking and streets in Sheridan Beach?

  4. Does early February mean sometime before Feb. 15? Will the trail remained closed until there is an grand re-opening event?

    1. The trail should be open in the next two weeks. That said, we are still dependent on weather conditions.

      At the moment we have no firm plans for a ceremony, but please stay tuned. Thanks for checking in Greg.

      1. Thanks for your follow up. It seems like everything is done besides the intersection at 170th. Why not open up the rest of the trail and divert the short section between 170th and 165th through Sheridan Beach, which many walkers and bikers are already doing?

      2. Not that I want a ceremony. I just hope you don’t hold up the opening until after a ceremony. ASAP is good!

  5. Does anyone have any idea if there are plans to rebuild/repave the section of the trail between 145th and Matthews Beach? I rode over the newly paved section today and it’s terrific (although after 7.5 months and $4.9M, it better be!). It’s a VERY abrupt transition from the new trail to the old, which is in terrible shape. Same goes for the short stretch north of the newly paved section in Kenmore, between Log Boom Park and the new section (~200 meters). Why this short stretch, littered with root bumps and pot holes wasn’t included in the original plans is beyond me. Either way, it’ll be a nice, smooth 7-8 minute bike ride over the newly paved section as soon as it’s open. All of that work for 8 minutes of smooth riding…sigh.

  6. First off – Thanks to all folks concerned in the design and construction of the trail redevelopment.

    Looks to me like the trail can reopen now. Folks can work around the last thing that needs to be done at the 170th intersection (Beach Drive).


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