Come celebrate the reopening of the Burke-Gilman Trail!

Join us on March 13 at NE 165th St and the trail. Ribbon cutting ceremony will begin shortly after 4 p.m. Learn  more about the construction project and all the awesomeness of the newly redeveloped segment!

3 thoughts on “Come celebrate the reopening of the Burke-Gilman Trail!

  1. I checked out the trail today. The new part is great. It made cycling so much faster and more fun. No more bumps and cracks on that part! Woot woot! It will be great to run and rollerblade on it, I imagine. 🙂

    The new part of the trail is well leveled, flat and smooth! This in difference from some older parts of the trail that became angled, which causes a health inconvenience for runners with IT bend syndromes (or the ones that are on the path of developing it), and who knows, plus it twists our shoes as well. 🙂 Just fyi.

    Thanks and compliments to the trail workers that made it like that. Nice work, and so you know, your time is appreciate it!

    Please keep up the great work. Few more miles here and there, and we’ll have it all fixed up.


  2. I LOVE the new section! It’s wider and less “weavy”, I am impressed with the drainage off the hill sides, that area is innnindated with fresh water springs, which, on heave rainy days, can “let go” and landslides occour.

    But this new section adresses JUST that! The trail is an appropritae width for walking and bicycle traffic.

    I only wish that, the city of Seattle would realize that this trail, is a major bicycle freeway, and that the rest of the trial should be improved like this one was, but do it section by section, closing the trail during the “foul weather” months November – June,

    That should be enough time for each section to go through the improvement project. The whole 145th to the U-District trail shoud take about, 3 or 4 years to complete. sopme sections which were updated, can be skipped, but ther are some sections that scream “please fix me”

    Also while this is going on, PLEASE REMOVE THE RUMBLE STRIPS! Those were the MOST assinnine ideas anyone had!

    Rumble strips to wake up “sleepy bikers”??? HUH if your a sleepy biker you’d CRASH before you hit the rumble strips! gimmeabreak!

    Also several drive ways and cross street intersections on the burke, headding for Seattle from 145 on, are challenging, Bikers just roll over them, I have seen too many inline skaters CRASH and Burn on them! Good thing I have first aid training.

    Being a memeber of the Northwest inline skate patrol (which is disbanded) Has it’s bennifits, I must have bought several boxes of bandaids to patch up these skaters.

    SO….. when will the city improve the section from 145th to the U-dist. ? Let me guess……… NEVER!!! A TUNNEL is MORE important, than a green highway, for Bike commuters, and Fammily outings on Bikes, Skates and Walking!

    What ever happened for that money WE voted for to imrove bike paths, MC GINN??? You took away Automobile lanes for bike paths! THAT WASNT THE IDEA GOOF BALL!!! A good part of that money WAS for the Burkegilman, but no…… Thank Mayor MC Mumbles! Screw us over again! And as for stopping the tunnel… you went to the “dark side” EH MAYOR MC MUMBLES!

    *ahem* ok calm down.

    It’s ok. You can still skate the trail, just be an damn good exprerienced skater like myself!

    I LOVE THE NEW SECTION!! Just wish it would keep on going!

    Thank you for your time, and Thank you for the new section!! IT ROCKS!!! 🙂

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