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It’s not always a Monday afternoon; it could be any day of the week and you still feel like you’re dragging at the office or you’re going a little stir crazy with the kids running circles around you at home. We’ve all been there and know it doesn’t feel any good to be stuck in a rut. Whatever your reason is for being idle, we can all agree that this is not the boat any of us want to be in. So, let’s do something about that. How about now? No? We have a free and easy program to help you get fit while having fun! Yes? Great! Let’s go…

The King County Parks Fitness Challenge powered by Group Health is a free program in partnership with the Group Health Fitness Network. This challenge will get you, your friends and family outside to explore the many great parks and trails that King County has to offer while giving you new motivation to boost your overall health. Use our challenge map to browse the 30 available activities and head out the door this weekend for a healthy dose of fresh air in your lungs. The activities are suitable for all fitness levels, so you’ve got no excuse not to try.

It couldn’t be any easier to sign up. We even made a video that shows exactly how easy it is to sign up.

King County Parks Fitness Challenge Powered by Group Health from King County Parks on Vimeo.

How do you hold yourself accountable to the challenge, you ask? We already thought of that. At the completion of each challenge activity, there is a secret code word with instructions for you to text this code so that your progress is tracked and your motivation will continue to climb. Virtual high-five!

Before you know it, you’ll have a handful of new favorite parks and trails that are right here in your own backyard. Now, that’s awesome.

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