King County Council: Happy 75 years to King County Parks!

Oppan Council style!
Oppan Council style!

Yesterday, we here at King County Parks were in for a special treat, as the King County Council invited us over for a party at Council Chambers to celebrate our 75th Anniversary. Sponsored by Councilmembers McDermott, Lambert, and Phillips, the proclamation recognized King County Parks for growing such an amazing system and taking care of parks, trails and open space over the past 75 years, for enhancing recreation opportunities through community and corporate partnerships, and for helping make King County such an amazing place to live, work and play.

Even some of our friends showed up, saying many nice things about King County Parks (and frankly, making us a little verklempt). Thank you, King County Council and Washington Trails Association, Laird Norton Wealth Management, and Eastside Football Club. You guys -and all of you out there in Internet land- help ensure that King County has such amazing recreation opportunities and trails and natural spaces and…oh my, here we go again with the waterworks. Talk amongst yourselves! See event photos at here.

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