Tolt-MacDonald Park owning July

Simulated party. Ours will be much more awesome and the appropriate season. * Alice Cooper not included.

Ain’t no party like a Tolt-MacDonald party. We own the month of July. You are looking at three events that will be taking the park to 11. That’s right: it is so awesome, we installed a knob that goes one further, not to 10, but 11!

What, you ask, are these epic events? Well, we have Carnation’s 4th of July bash (now with beer). THEN we move on to our King County Parks’ birthday celebration on July 20th.  That’s right, we’re throwing ourselves a party, and not the pity kind. But wait, there’s more! How about one of the coolest music fests in the state? No, it’s not the Capitol Hill Block Party, or Paradiso, we are talking the first ever Timber! Outdoor Music Festival (we’re only telling you because we know you’re cool). We know that you’d rather come hang out with us in the woods, with fire pits, a lazy river, the best music the Northwest has to offer, and the potential to see Big Foot. Not the terrifying SyFy (not a misspelling) Big Foot, or the Jack Links Big Foot, but more like the Harry and the Hendersons Big Foot, ya know, like he would hang with you by the river and take in some Helio Sequence.

This is all for now, stay tuned.

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