Fireworks: Lemme show you sumthin’!


We here at King County Parks are big of fans of America generally (hot dogs, mom and apple pie!) and plan to celebrate our fair nation’s Independence Day in style. What we’re NOT a fan of is fires, litter, injuries, and property damage that seems to go hand-in-hand with the Fourth of July.

Folks, consider this a friendly reminder: it is ILLEGAL to set off fireworks in any of King County’s parks or trails. Please help us protect these special places by following the rules!

Here are some resources for the fireworks-inclined:

  • In unincorporated King County, you can set off fireworks from 9 pm to midnight. Fireworks are banned in most cities in King County, but go here to read more about different jurisdictions’ regulations.
  • Worried about your dog freaking out from all the noise? Here are some tips from Regional Animal Services of King County.
  • It’s been hot and dry in these parts lately, which means the risk of fire is higher than normal. WA DNR publishes a handy-dandy site for you to check the fire danger in your area.

And always follow the wisdom of our dear friend, Fire Marshall Bill.

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