Duthie Hill’s new parking lot will be open this weekend. Stay calm

That is correct. Probably the most anticipated parking lot we have known. Crews are putting on the finishing touches. Saturday you shall bear witness to a whopping 74 stalls, connector trail (to Duthie proppa), bike rack (for those hiking Grand Ridge or if you just want to run the trails pretending you’re riding a bike) and a whole lot of awesome.

The new lot is located here (near Endeavor Elementary, right off of Duthie Hill road, heading east on SE Issaquah – Fall City Rd):

Here is a shot early in the development for some perspective.

Duthie lot

11 thoughts on “Duthie Hill’s new parking lot will be open this weekend. Stay calm

  1. This is nicely done, and looks good still a year and a half later. Was great that with small kids they didn’t have to ride on the street to get from the lot to the center of the mtn bike area. The trail from the lot down to the maintenance road is pretty rough for small kids though (think 12″ and 16″ wheels trying to get over 4″ rocks).

    One question – who designed the parking lot area? King County or was there a consultant designer?

    Also water service would be great at the trailhead (drinking fountain, spigot).

  2. The lot is a huge success. It was all full when I left this morning at 11:30, with people making rounds waiting for someone like me to leave. Time to build a second one? 😀

  3. The parking lot is nice. For newcomers like me, a sign from the clearing back into the right direction (and maybe one in Bootcamp) may make it easier to get back to one’s car (I asked for directions).

    Are there plans to install some faucets and hoses in the lot? (Maybe when a bathroom is built if that is part of the plan?) This would be fantastic.

      1. Finding the new parking lot was easy. I s coming from the South and just took a right before the sign when I saw the Duthie Hill Park sign.

        Google maps has an entry for “Duthie Hill Parking Lot” for the older lot. I can submit an entry for the new one. It would probably be good if they had different names. Suggestions?

  4. It’s about time! I guess King County underestimated the popularity of mountain biking and didn’t properly plan for the parking needs when Duthie was built. Better late than never.

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