Volunteer Opportunity 6/25: Duthie Hill Park

Calling all kindred spirits! We are in need of volunteers this Saturday, 6/25 from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m at Duthie Hill Park. Volunteers will be helping with invasive plant removal in the planting areas around the main parking lot. Families, individuals and groups are welcome. Contact Lina Rose, Volunteer Program Coordinator, for more information…

Trail Alert: Duthie Hill – Parking Lot

Duthie’s parking lot will be closed until approximately 9:30 a.m. this morning, as we remove debris from the wind storm. For those of you planning to start your Wednesday morning by riding in a dark and rainy forest.

Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day 2015 @ Duthie Hill Park

Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day 2015 @ Duthie Hill Park This Saturday, Oct. 3, come on out to King County’s Duthie Hill Park for Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day 2015. All ages (tots to teens) and skill levels are welcome; you just need a working bike and helmet! Whether you’re little one is…

Duthie’s Dry As Dirt – Ride With Caution

It’s all dried up people. We have posted signs on site asking folks to be careful, and mindful of the current conditions. Evergreen, our amazing steward, has posted some tips and tricks for riding in this current climate. Please check them out, and be safe.

National Trails Day – Kind of a Big Deal

This is more than likely what the scene will look like tomorrow across this humble little park system. So if you aren’t already sold, know this, pictures can possibly take your soul but they can never truly convey the full amount of awesome in a given moment. We promise you a minimum of 3x more…