Field notes: Keeping your trails clean safe and open without the use of gnomes

As much as we’d all like to believe that gnomes are trained and disciplined enough to maintain our parks, the reality is that they are unskilled labor (with no basis in reality). On the other hand, King County Parks employees are tangible human beings, not mythical fantasy creatures, and they take care of a large swath of the county.

In order to cover this “fun-sized” park system, our Parks crews are actually smaller teams based on geography. Take, for example, our North Utility/Mow Crew. As is the case with all teams they are responsible for their own chunk of our parks and trails systems. These photos are a small slice of their life over a week’s time. Behold.

  • Installing post and rail fence and landscaping along the Gilman in Kenmore.
  • Emergency removal of a hazardous tree in Bothell.
  • Cleanup and removal of a fallen tree blocking the Gilman.

Yesss these photos are Burke-Gilman-centric, and noooo this is not their only slice of the pie. This crew also maintains the Sammamish River Trail, Marymoor Connector, and the East Lake Sammamish Trail. What are some of those duties you ask? Try this on: Repair/installation (fences, benches, tables, art), mowing, landscaping, designing, fabricating and generally being radical to the 10th degree.

* Odds are I missed a few things, but I can be blinded by my irrational dislike of gnomes.

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