We Are Slashing Prices on Walks @ King County’s Walking Warehouse!!!


Ohhh this is our wheelhouse right here. We are LITERALLY ready to handle all your walking needs. We got long walks, short walks, meandering, soul searching, hard surface, soft surface, nature, urban, trestles, bridges, uphill, downhill! [inhaaaale] You want walks?!? We got walks.

H, you want to throw in a little side step? Maybe some wiggle? Tight pants?!? LET YOUR FREAK FLAG FLY. Who are we to judge? We just give you the space to prance…err, walk, like a beautiful centaur.

NOW GET OUT THERE and enjoy some of our 175 miles of trail (or 180 miles of backcountry if that’s how you swing), 200 parks, or maybe go whole hog and just walk the 28,000 acres of open space. This land was made for you and me.

Hike up your hot pants, tell your heart to pull it together and go punch diabetes in the face.

Did we mention it’s National Walking Day?

2 thoughts on “We Are Slashing Prices on Walks @ King County’s Walking Warehouse!!!

    1. You can prance all you want. We’ve actually gotten word that there are people prancin’ on the ceilin’. There is however a King County ordinance that states that all prancing has to be accompanied by cowbell. Copious amounts of cowbell. You might even say that one’s prancercise routine cannot be accompanied by enough cowbell.

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