‘Bout To Get Turnt Up at Duthie

Specialized Dirt PartySpecialized Bicycles will be throwing down at Duthie this weekend.

You like bikes? New ones. Shiny and all bike-like. Then it sounds like this is your kind of party. Or as they’re calling it – a “dirt party”. Not to be confused with dirt nap. Two totally different things.

From their site: Don’t miss the dirt party of the year. Come down for our Trail Day where we’ll debut our newest mountain bikes, and give you the chance to ride them. We’ll provide all the fun—you just show up ready to ride.

So clearly you just show up. Fun is being handled by them. I bet it’s shiny too. And as stated, this will be the dirt party of the year. I’ve been to quite a few dirt parties in my day, so I’ll be the judge of that. I remember there was this one dirt party…

Ok. To be clear. This is a dirt party. Probably the biggest dirt party of the year, and Specialized will be providing all the fun, sooo I’m thinking you just show up, and no yelling “RUN IT’S THE COPS!!”

This weekend 9AM-5PM

White Party Crowd
* this is not a dirt party

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