East Lake Sammamish Trail is Officially Open!


The E.L.S.T. is open people. You may again ride from the north end all the way in to Issaquah. Thanks for your patience during construction and now please enjoy a weekend ride on the east side of the lake. Keeping in mind of course that everything south of Inglewood Hill is still soft surface, BUT THAT NORTH END IS BUTTER!

4 thoughts on “East Lake Sammamish Trail is Officially Open!

  1. I second the request for a map of the trail that shows what segments are paved and what are soft surface. Access points could be marked on such a map.

    1. Agreed. Think this is a great idea. Request was submitted this morning. Will post a link to it here, on our ELST project page AND our ELST/Trail alerts notice, as soon as I have it in my sweaty little web-monkey hands. Thanks for your patience and the suggestion.

  2. Good morning Robert. By “trail locations” do you mean access points or simply a map of the trail? Also when you say links are missing “on this page” are you referring to this blog post or the ELST project page? Thank you for clarification.

  3. please post a map to show the trail locations, also what segments are paved and which are soft surface. Also, please note that a couple of the links on this page are nonfunctioning. Hope that can be corrected.
    Thank you.

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