Day of the Living Trees

What’s better than peanut butter + chocolate? Trees and parks. No park can have too many.

Which is one of the reasons Swansons began their Living Tree program. A program for those of us that love parks, and hate knowing our tree has reached the end of the line after the holiday. A program that donates every Living Tree purchased, and returned, to your King County Parks.

Sweet deal, right? We ain’t complaining. When Swansons rings us to say the trees are ready for pickup, we jump. Not all of us collectively, but more specifically, our lovely Greenhouse Crew. Yet another crack KC team that helps better your parks. These guys are based out of Cedar Hills and help maintain the stock of plants we keep on hand. They keep them alive, they pick them up when donated and they deliver them to any one of our 200 parks when needed. They are also another team made up of some of our amazing supported staff. Folks that have been with us for many years and many plants.

So, big ups to the crew, and especially Swansons, for their generosity. Living Trees, you keep on living.

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