Trail Spotlight: Green to Cedar Rivers

When completed, the Green to Cedar Rivers Trail will be an 11-mile-long trail that follows an abandoned railroad route, intersecting with the Cedar River Trail in the north and terminating along the Green River in the south, near Flaming Geyser State Park. Locals may know 3 miles of it as the Lake Wilderness Trail, because of its close proximity to the lake and surrounding Lake Wilderness Park.


Last year, we launched into planning for the full corridor, which will eventually connect through the cities of Maple Valley and Black Diamond. In July 2015, we met with a focus group of locals to gather some insight about the trail and learn about the opportunities and challenges of developing it to our regional trails standard. Shortly thereafter, the project experienced a series of delays, but alas! we’re back at it and are bringing on a new design consultant, which will jumpstart the process as we enter the new year.

To get a feel for the trail, visit the existing interim gravel trail segment. Park at Lake Wilderness Park. While you’re skirting the north end of the lake, heading to the trail, don’t miss a visit to the historic lodge. Once a regional destination, it still contains Dudley Carter’s 35-foot cedar lodge pole carving done for the 1949 King County fair.

The Green to Cedar Rivers Trail (G2C) is soon to be one of the shining jewels of our 175-mile-long Regional Trails System!

Construction on the north segment is expected to begin next summer. We’ll keep you posted, and you can sign up here for project updates!

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