Big Bend, Little Stroll

Big Bend Natural Area is a site most of us are probably unfamiliar with. It is located between the Cedar River Trail and the Cedar River, just downriver from the Landsburg Dam/Sockeye Hatchery. Take a quick jaunt down the Cedar River Trail to find this tucked away spot in one of the “S” curves of the Cedar River.


The river is at a pretty gentle flow in this area. One thing that makes this area different than other river sites is the 100 foot tall cliff on the opposite side of the river, which is slowly sloughing away and falling into the river. Usually nothing more than occasional pebbles but look to the top and you can see trees that are making the slow inevitable topple downwards leading to the eventual fall into the river.

I personally like to visit for relaxation and self-reflection, enjoying the sandy riverfront and the feeling of seclusion without being far away from the main trail. This isn’t the best place to sunbathe, unless you’re an early bird. The cliff overshadows the sandy beach by early afternoon. It is a great place to kick back with a good book and get some personal R&R or just wade around in the slow moving river.

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