Moss Lake and the Sphagnum Bog

Moss Lake is a wonderful little spot located in the foothills of the cascades. This sphagnum bog (click for a definition of “sphagnum bog” ) offers an amazing variety of plants and wildlife all within 370 acres. I highly recommend making the drive out to this little hidden gem to  explore.


The variety of ways to play out here is something about Moss Lake that drew me to it. All the beauty of nature and all the wildlife are the things that keep me coming back. Take advantage of the six-acre pond and bring a canoe or raft (SORRY NO MOTOR BOATS) and paddle around, or you can bring a bike or horse and cruise around the three miles of backcountry trails through the forest. Or maybe stick with the classic and use your legs for an enjoyable hike or jog. Either way, this place has something for all to enjoy.

I’d rate this area as “easy” when it comes to difficulty in hiking. It’s mostly flat with a few rolls along the trail. This area is welcome to all skill levels. This is also a nice secluded place to get away from the buzz of the city, the sounds of cars, and the service of your cell phone. (Don’t worry! It is okay to disconnect every now and then!)

You’ll most likely see multiple critters out there too. One thing you will see at Moss Lake Natural Area is GREEN! There is green everywhere out there. I don’t think you could look in a direction without seeing an overwhelming amount of green. Being a Washingtonian, that is a fact that I LOVE!


Moss Lake might sound like a long ways away for some of us (about an hour drive from downtown Seattle). I would recommend making a small day trip out of it such as stopping by Duvall and grab a great pizza at Red Pepper Pizzeria & Pasta. Then venture out to the smaller towns and foothills within King County and enjoy all that is in our Big Backyard.

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