Our parks = their schools

This post is part of a series featuring grantees of the King County Parks Community Partnerships and Grants Program. Now that September has arrived, Tiny Trees kids are headed back to school.. in our parks! About 100 kids attend preschool each day in Five Mile Lake Park, Big Finn Hill Park, and Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland…

Go sports ball!

We are excited to announce the awardees of our latest round of youth sports grants!! Read the news release here. What are the youth sports grants, you ask? In an effort to remove barriers and disrupt the cost-prohibitive pay-to-play model, our grants are aimed at providing resources to government agencies and non-profit organizations to support…

Moss Lake and the Sphagnum Bog

Moss Lake is a wonderful little spot located in the foothills of the cascades. This sphagnum bog (click for a definition of “sphagnum bog” ) offers an amazing variety of plants and wildlife all within 370 acres. I highly recommend making the drive out to this little hidden gem to  explore. The variety of ways…

Timber! Just Days Away

Have your tickets? If so, what are you hitting up first – the river, a hike, mountain biking with REI, kayaking, bubble football, mustache waxing? Don’t really matter, whatever you choose it all coalesces into one crazy-awesome experience. Don’t believe? Check it. Video never lies.

Saving lives one park at a time

The New York Times has stumbled across something. It’s called the outdoors. We are huge fans, as a matter of fact *we maintain a healthy chunk of them, so why not come check them out and live a longer/less angry life in the process. * We’re not doctors we just play them outside.