See Something, Say Something. Issues, That Is

As your King County Parks staff, our job is to keep your parks clean, safe and open. It is part of our daily routine. That said, stuff happens. Daily, if not hourly, staff can be rerouted to deal with any number of issues.

We, of course, handle anything we come across during our rounds, but sometimes, you visitors are on site before we are. (Looking at you, “Training for a marathon before work” and “Dogs will eat my furniture if they don’t play in the field before 7 a.m.”)

That’s why we have partnered with SeeClickFix – to make reporting the unexpected, inconvenient, or possibly dangerous, issues easier and more efficient. This tool allows you to report what you have come across in our parks or on our trails directly from your mobile device or your desktop.

Once reported, you can track the status of the issue — from the time we acknowledge it to the time it is completed. We will add it to our work queue, and you will receive an estimate on issue resolution. This helps us track the issue and offers you some peace of mind. And it helps us manage our 28,000 acres, with a staff of fewer than 200, in a more efficient manner. Win- Win.

We’ve posted about our SeeClickFix partnership before, but thought we’d send out this reminder, as they have just announced new updates. Sounds like those will be rolling out soon, and these updates make the mobile posting experience more streamlined. So if you haven’t had a chance to use the tool, please take it for a test drive.

We’ll take it all.

Oh, and some of the more recent issues posted:

  • Drainage
  • Landslide
  • Tree about to fall on trail
  • Ballfield drainage
  • And even a big thank you for the effort our staff puts into making ballfields playable

We’ll take it all. Want to go ahead and install the app on your phone? Just look up “King County Parks” in your iOS or Android App Store.


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  1. I think you mean “We will add it to the queue” not “cue.” See the fourth paragraph of this post. A dictionary will explain the difference.

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