6 Easy ways to share the trail

This time of year is perfect cycling weather, and commuters as well as recreational bikers are enjoying King County Park’s Regional Trail System. High trail volume can sometimes create problems when walkers, runners, and bikers don’t follow proper trail etiquette.

Here are six simple ways you can make sure everyone stays safe out on the trail, whether you’re biking, running or walking:

Stay right, pass left – Be aware of those around you; walk or ride on the right side of the trail unless passing.

Leave room for others to pass – Whether walking or biking, leave enough room for others to get around you, don’t bike and walk in large groups, and always yield to oncoming traffic.

Use you voice or bell when passing – Avoid startling people when passing, let them know you’re approaching with a bell or by yelling out “on your left”, before you’ve arrived.

Go slow when passing – If there’s other people on the trail, either biking or walking, reduce your speed when going by.

Be visible in low light – As summer turns into fall, make sure you’re seen from all sides by wearing reflective gear or lights.

Keep pets close for their safety and others – Retractable leashes can easily become hazards on busy trails, keep pets safe by keeping them close.

Being a good trail neighbor means practicing good trail etiquette and obeying the law. All regional trails have a speed limit of 15 mph. If you don’t know your speed, go slow and stay safe!

Look for King County Sheriffs out on the trail helping people stay safe and passing out information on good trail etiquette.

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