Have issues?

Burke-Gilman landslide
Burke-Gilman landslide

Safety issue or equipment in need of repair in any of our parks or trails? Use SeeClickFix our issue reporting tool. It can be accessed from your phone or desktop. You can report issues anonymously, or if you would like to be updated on the progress of your report, create a quick account. Once you have submitted your issue we are instantly notified and begin the resolution process. All of which is tracked in realtime. Everyone can see what the issue is, how it is being handled, and when it is resolved. Win.


3 thoughts on “Have issues?

  1. I love that the soos Creek trail has been repaved! But the mile markers have now disappeared, or are severely faded. Any plans to remark them?

    1. Hi Sonya, thank you for your inquiry. We’re checking with the project manager to see what the ongoing plan is and will follow up.

    2. We will be replacing the old painted mile markers with permanent metal mile markers in the near future. Thank you for your inquiry.

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