Don’t park that bike for the winter!

I think most people know that exercise is good for you. Thirty minutes a day of moderate exercise helps to improve cardio health, decrease stress, lower blood pressure, increase beneficial mood altering endorphins, and generally make the winter less, well, dark.

But darkness and rain keeps many bikes stored in garages or hung on walls. Dark in the morning, dark in the afternoon. Dark and wet. But this is when we need those endorphins most!

A little rain didn’t scare off these riders

While the commute to work might seem a tad intimidating in low visibility, don’t forget that we also have over 300 miles of off-road, paved trails for biking without having to worry about cars.

Make sure you have the cycling essentials: a tire repair kit and pump, headlight or headlamp, a flashing red taillight, and proper gear for the weather. If you aren’t familiar with the regional trails in your area, or you want to expand your knowledge – check out TrailFinder to plan ahead, or pickup a Regional Trails in King County map at your local library.

Don’t let the dark get you down. Don’t let the wet keep you from staying healthy and happy. Hop on your bike and go for a ride. Get outside and explore #YourBigBackyard!

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