@ Work: Windfall

The week’s storm has kept our crews on windfall patrol. This time of year always brings the pain. In the form of fallen trees in inconvenient areas. After major and minor windstorms, or heavy rain, our staff are quite busy removing the obstructions.


In the mosaic below are photos posted to issues in SeeClickFix by park visitors. They represent 17 separate issues of fallen trees across the county since the first of this month. Sixteen of those in the last week. All but three have been resolved. These are just the ones reported via SeeClickFix. There have been a lot more than 17 fallen trees across the system.

Staff remove them from ballfields, fences, regional and backcountry trails, slopes, ditches, play areas and any trafficked area throughout our park system. If they pose a hazard or obstruction we remove them. With 215 miles of backcountry trails, in mostly dense forests, you can imagine that the crews are kept busy after these events. In most cases staff have a chainsaw slung over their shoulder (pictured above) and have to hike to remote locations.

We always appreciate your patience and understanding and love to hear from you. If you happen across any obstructions, safety issues or concerns please feel free to use our reporting tool – SeeClickFix. The app is a great efficiency for us as it allows for photo documentation and geolocation. This takes a lot of guesswork out of the equation for crews as they prepare to tackle the issue. It also allows the reporter to track the issues’ resolution/status. Noice!

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