Mile by mile

The Foothills Trail just got one mile longer! King County Parks just completed a trail segment from 252nd Avenue South, just outside and south of Enumclaw, to the abandoned historic Boise Creek Bridge.

The next planned segment of the trail will follow the abandoned rail line to continue across the Boise Creek Bridge and finally, on its way across the White River into Pierce County. This will bring the residents of Buckley and Enumclaw that much closer and enable them to ride, walk, or run from one city to another for lunch. It will also connect King County’s trails with the regional trails in Pierce County.

Completing the new bridge and trail system is slated for next year. It’s a high priority for the cities of Enumclaw and Buckley, as it will also provide an alternative emergency route for pedestrians and vehicles in the event the SR 410 bridge at Buckley becomes impassable during a catastrophic event.

Without an alternative crossing, access to the nearest hospital (currently located in Enumclaw) for citizens in the Buckley area could take up to 30 minutes or longer during an emergency. This finished mile represents progress towards the goal of connecting these two cities by trail, increasing the ability for trail travel, tourism, and recreation opportunities in the area and extending Your Big Backyard!

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