Preparing for 2.5 miles of paved Eastrail – Detours starting as soon as November 25

This spring we shared the great news about the new trail bridge over I-405 and the 2.5 miles of paved trail coming to the Eastrail through our partnership with the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT).

Now it is time to start preparing for the construction.  WSDOT’s contractors will begin work soon on 2.5 miles of trail south of I-90 which will result in nice wide paved trail with a gravel shoulder. The first step is to test soils under the current gravel trail. Contractors will drill a series of test holes along the section of future paved trail to guide engineering decisions for retaining walls, drainage, and paving.

This work will require short term trail detours. The detours are expected to start as soon as November 25 and last approximately three weeks. Detours are not expected to occur on the weekends. These detours will direct trail users to either the Lake Washington Loop Trail, 106 Ave SE, or Washington Boulevard SE. Workers will be on the trail from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Later this winter construction is expected to start on the 2.5 miles of paved trail. This will require the closures of existing gravel Eastrail trail in this segment, but don’t worry. The Lake Loop Trail will remain open until the paved Eastrail trail is complete so you will still be able to pedal or run on a trail in this area. Overall this new 2.5 miles of paved trail is expected to be open in late 2021.

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2 thoughts on “Preparing for 2.5 miles of paved Eastrail – Detours starting as soon as November 25

  1. I have really enjoyed the gravel trail that you have built, one of my favorite trails, and to walk along Lake Washington is a treat. I am sorry to hear that it will be paved. I really hope you will leave a good margin on one side of the trail as gravel. It is much easier on the joints to not walk/run on pavement and it is so much more natural for dogs. In addition, there is a big concern about how fast bikers go on flat, paved trails, especially with the new electric bikes. If you leave a wide gravel section on the side, walkers could continue to be safe. I hope you will consider.

    1. Hi Suzy. We are happy to let you know that the trail will be 12 feet wide with a two-foot gravel shoulder on one side, and six feet of gravel on the other. Look forward to seeing you out on the trail.

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