Summer Trail Construction Season is Here!

Warm weather in the Pacific Northwest means beautiful days for biking, camping, boating, hiking, and more. It also happens to be great weather for trail construction, repair, and other work requiring a stretch of dry days. This year is no exception.

Minor trail repairs often require closing the trail for up to 15 minutes at a time, restricting trail traffic to one lane, or requiring people on bicycles to dismount and walk through the construction zone. For larger construction or renovation projects requiring long closures, we make every effort to provide a detour but sometimes that’s just not available. Know before your go and build extra time into your travels to account for delays.

When traveling on heavily trafficked routes in active repair or construction, here are three tips to a happy and safe trail journey:

  1. Get the latest updates – Know what’s happening along your route. Sign up for trail alerts!
  2. Be prepared – Leave early and be ready to wait up to 15 minutes for possible construction equipment to move.
  3. Share the trail – Remember that our trails are for everyone. Be kind, give other people space, and let people know when you’re passing.

Here are some of the upcoming trail projects this summer:

  • East Lake Sammamish Trail – Trail is currently closed for the first of two phases that will complete the final segment of this iconic trail. The first phase will continue until fall 2022, with the second phase starting in fall 2021 and completing in fall 2023. The trail is currently closed from SE 33rd St. to Mint Grove driveway (approx. 1.75 mi)
  • Sammamish River Trail Currently closed with a narrow detour around the work area for culvert replacement at the Northshore Athletic Fields. Parking is limited.
  • Issaquah-Preston Trail – Upcoming closure with an extensive detour by the City of Issaquah starting July 6 through Aug/Sept 2022 to build a booster pump station adjacent to the trail.
  • Lake to Sound Trail – Currently closed with intermittent delays along the Black River portion of the trail for spot trail repair. Also, upcoming intermittent closure starting July 12 for 10-14 days to explore the sheet pile wall of the Black River Pump Station.
  • Eastrail – Eastrail’s May Creek Trestle will be retrofitted to provide a fully paved trail bridge. A trail detour will be in place for the work in Aug/Sept.

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  1. when will the trail be complete? I don’t care when the phases are complete. when will it be completed as far as paving. It’s been 20 years bending to the rich peoples whims.

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