Spring has arrived!

Signs of spring are everywhere. A little sun and the flowers are blooming, people are shedding layers to feel the warmth on their skin, and baby ducks are taking their first dips.

Mama and her ducklings cross the Burke-Gilman Trail

It’s this time of year that the lone winter commuters and walkers start to have a bit more company. Which means it’s also the time to remind everyone of our trail etiquette.

It’s simple really:

  1. Share the trail – don’t hog the trail, leave room for others to pass
  2. Say hello when passing – Passing someone? Use a bell or your voice to let them know
  3. Obey the speed limit – it’s 15 mph (as if you didn’t know)
  4. Keep those dogs on leash – for their safety and others
  5. Wear lights in low light

Five things to remember. We’ll be putting some reminders out on the trail. Our King County Sheriffs will also be on the trail in high volume areas once again this year, helping people learn the rules.

A lone bunny contemplates his next move

The main thing is to get out and explore Your Big Backyard. Be aware and be kind to others. And have fun. Always, have fun!

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